Buyer/ Individual

Our charges for services rendered by PayinCredit are on PAY PER USE basis! The charges are clearly mentioned at the time of billing & prior of your making the payment. By making the payment, you are confirming that you are comfortable with our charges. All the Payments once made is Non-Refundable, even if the services have not been fully rendered by us. In case of any error of payment, or wrong bill or overcharge, or double charge, payment failure, etc. you may contact our support through In making payments to the receiver/seller, whether registered with PayinCredit or otherwise, you acknowledge and agree that PayinCredit acts only as an intermediary and is not a party to the buying/selling transaction between payer and payee. Accordingly, PayinCredit does not assume any responsibility and shall have no liability of any kind whatsoever, in respect of your dealings with receiver/seller including with regards to payment made, the proper and timely delivery of goods or services in good condition, and chargebacks. PayinCredit in no way endorses, recommends and/or bears any responsibility or liability for any products, services or statements made by receiver/seller, whether registered with PayinCredit or otherwise. Receiver/seller statements and opinions are not representative of PayinCredit or its business partners and we bear no responsibility for their authenticity. Any dispute between the payer and receiver/seller, whether registered with PayinCredit or otherwise, must be resolved directly between the payor and the payee.PayinCredit does not have any responsibility for and cannot accept any liability for the actions of any receiver/seller and by using our services, you agree to pursue all claims and disputes against a receiver/seller directly with the applicable receiver/seller.


A transaction may be reversed or charged back to your account if it is disputed by the buyer, reversed for any reason by the Network, deemed to be fraudulent, deemed to be in violation of this Agreement, or we have any reason to believe that the transaction was not completed in good faith. For any transaction that results in a chargeback, the Company may withhold the transaction amount from your account. If your account has any pending resolution of any chargebacks, the Company has the discretion to delay your next payout(s). The Company reserves the right to withhold from your account the amount of one or more transactions if it believes that there is a significantly increased risk of a chargeback occurring on these transactions. The Company may also charge you a fee for each refund, or chargeback, or dispute incurred.
If your account is incurring a significantly high volume of chargebacks according to the Company, the Company reserves the right to
(a) suspend your account,
(b) increase processing fees,
(c) withhold payouts,
(d) increase holding period for your funds to be paid out,
(e) implement a rolling reserve.
PayinCredit reserve the right to charge a "Penalty fee" from the Users for abusing the platform, towards the charges incurred for the investigation, operational handling and legal consultation charges.

PayingCredit will receive “Fraud Notification(s) received against payment(s)” from payment gateway partner, We will hold your account 240 days with need to verify KYC details to customers.